Student Comments

Without this workshop there is no way that I would be doing as well as I am. This SWS workshop gives me a chance to practice and discuss the concepts that we learn in class. It gives me a chance to ask questions.
The workshop helped me keep on top of the material and not get too far behind.
This workshop has been very helpful so far. I think that this workshop is a wonderful idea, especially for a class with so many incoming freshmen. This has been a great opportunity to share ideas and understand concepts fully.
I would recommend it to a friend. It helped me understand the material and get a better grade.
Our facilitator has been very effective in reinforcing the concepts learned in lecture and lab. He makes the meetings fun and tries to approach the material in new directions so that we understand better. Right now I have a "B" in the course; the SWS workshop is a big reason behind the grade.
This SWS workshop has greatly helped me and I am already planning on taking Supplemental Workshops for all that are offered for my future classes.
The facilitator in SWS has done a great deal in helping me and the group understand what exactly the professor is saying and teaching. She does a great job of simplifying what is being taught without losing content.
My facilitator is awesome! She is so encouraging and knowledgeable! She makes me want to be an SWS facilitator someday!
SWS definitely helped me. It gave me more practice with the material and I was able to work with others to get different perspectives.  I would recommend it to a friend. It helped me understand the materials and also motivated me to want to work harder, because I felt like I knew the material fairly well, so I wanted to do my best. My facilitator was an awesome facilitator; I really enjoyed the help she provided me.
I would highly recommend SWS to other students. It was extremely helpful, especially because it was associated specifically with our class. We were given really great “life-situation” examples that helped me understand concepts even better. The worksheets were helpful, but even more so the practice exams. They gave me an idea as to what to expect. My facilitator spoke in a “language” I was able to understand and from a student’s perspective.
SWS has helped me succeed in multiple classes, because you have more review of the concepts you learn in class. You also are able to work in groups and have any questions answered. It is a great way to put a few more hours of studying each week that you might not put in if you were not in SWS.
Without this SWS class, I doubt I would have the A I have now in the CHEM 312 class. My facilitator has been instrumental in my success in the class. The practice quizzes and exams were perfectly crafted in the sense that I felt well prepared for the upcoming quiz/exam. He did an excellent job and I have already recommended SWS to my friends.

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