How do I enroll in a supplemental workshop?

Use CPReg to enroll, just like all other classes.

Enrolling before classes begin (preferred):

  • Use the schedule to get the 4-digit workshop number.
  • Logon to the Portal, go to CPReg, and use the number to enroll in the workshop.
  • Add the workshop before the last day to add, which is the Thursday before classes begin.
  • Attend your workshop during the first week of classes.

Enrolling after classes begin:

  • Use the schedule to find the time and location of the workshop you want.
  • Attend the workshop and obtain a permission number from the facilitator.
  • Logon to the Portal, go to CPReg, and use the permission number to enroll.
  • You must use the permission number before the 8th day of classes, which is usually a Wednesday. After the 8th day, all workshops are closed just like other classes.* Auditing is not permitted.

Remember – each workshop is associated with a specific lecture, and not all lectures have a workshop. Enrollments are limited to 25 students.

For questions regarding CPReg and registration deadlines, please visit the Office of the Registrar webpage, or contact SWS at 805-756-5788.

*A "Late Add Appeal" process is available and may be approved in special cases, consult the workshop facilitator and/or the Office of Academic Records. Usually, "Late Add Appeal" deadline is early in Week 3 of the term.

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