Supplemental Workshops FAQ's

Q: If I'm an out-of-state student can I enroll in a Supplemental Workshop and do I still pay out-of-state tuition fees?

  • Yes, out-of-state students have to pay for the 1-unit credit/no-credit Supplemental Workshop. 

Q: What is the difference between a Supplemental Workshop and a Study Session?

  • While Study Session focuses on subject specific material, Supplemental Workshops are 1 unit credit/no credit and are directly aligned to specific lecture sections within an area of study. Enrolled Supplemental Workshop students must maintain 90% attendance in order to receive credit.

Q: I'm hesitant joining workshop due to my unit load. Will the additional unit be a lot of work?

  • There is no graded work in workshops. All of the practice problems and activities are designed to help you reach your 25-35 hours per week studying. Workshops are a way to help alleviate the school work stress during the quarter, not add more stress.

Q: The Instructor of Record in the registration system for the workshop is different than what's listed on the schedule?

  • Yes, we know. The correct instructor is what's listed on the schedule posted online. The name listed under Instructor of Record in the registration system is for administration purposes's only and not the instructor for the workshop. 

Q: Do I turn in my worksheets for a grade?

  • Worksheets are not graded. They are just one of the many resources offered during a workshop period. In fact, no practice quizzes, mock exams, or activities in workshop are ever graded.

Q: What is the absence policy?

  • In order to receive credit you must attend 90% of the workshop. Meaning, you have two excused absences and two unexcused absences for the quarter.

Q: I don’t want to enroll in workshop but can I still pick up the worksheet?

  • Worksheets are one component of workshop and utilized with collaborative group learning. Unfortunately, worksheets and other materials are reserved for enrolled students.

Q: Can I show up to workshop before the midterm and final if I’m not enrolled?

  • No, this is considered auditing and not the purpose of supplemental workshops. We suggest you enroll in a workshop so you receive continued practice throughout the quarter and not exclusively before test days.

Q: I want to join a 7:40 pm workshop but I have class until 8. Can I still join workshop?

  • If you have a 20-minute class conflict, you will need to visit the ASC (35-112) to fill out a Time Conflict Form. Once this conflict is lifted by the Registrar you may register for workshop.

Q: Can I go to workshop one of the days per week?

  • If you have a time conflict for one entire workshop session, Study Session may be a better option. We highly recommend speaking to the Supplemental Workshops Coordinator in the ASC (35-112) to see if there are any other options for joining a Supplemental Workshop.

Q: Can I do Homework in workshop?

  • Workshops are reserved for going over practice problems that will help prepare you for homework problems and tests. However, if there are specific questions about a homework concept this can be discussed and worked on during workshop.

Q: Has my workshop facilitator ever been a workshop student?

  • Many of our workshop facilitators were once workshop students! They definitely know what it is like to be in your position and can help you get through a challenging class successfully.

Q: Overall, do students do better that are enrolled in a workshop?

  • Students enrolled in Supplemental Workshops with their lecture generally experience a 3-5% grade increase than students enrolled in lecture only.

Q: Why should I join a Workshop?

  • Workshops provide a collaborate learning environment based on lecture specific material. A trained peer-facilitator accompanies the lecture all quarter to present different methods of approach to solving problems in addition to other metacognitive learning strategies.   

Q: How do I sign up for workshop after the quarter has started?

  • A permission number for the intended workshop will be required. Students will need to visit the ASC (35-112) to obtain a permission number. Students will then follow the steps to add the workshop like they would for any other class at Cal Poly.

Q: How long do I have to join a Supplemental Workshop?

  • Students have until the add/drop date (about two weeks after the start of the quarter) to enroll. If students miss this deadline, they can late enroll for a $20 late charge with the Registrar. We highly recommend adding before the deadline! 

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