Study Session Request

Study Session Student Interface Application (CP-LAN)

The Study Session program utilizes a student interface application available on iOS and Android devices called CP-LAN, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play (see instructions below). This is the main interface where students are able to view their study session request(s), established study session groups schedule, edit/modify requests, attend virtual group meetings, identify study session location and whether the session format is in-person or virtual. Everything conducted with the study session program is located in the CP-LAN app. Questions about the CP-LAN app can be emailed to and the study session team would be happy to provide assistance.  

How Are Study Session Groups Established

The Study Session program operates by employing student leaders who've displayed academic achievement, quality leadership capabilities, strong communication and organizational skills and most importantly, the ability to be empathetic to navigate fellow students toward academic achievement. Study session groups are formed based on student leader schedule availability, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 9pm. Study session groups are established by week 3 each quarter, with no new groups being established past week 3. Study Session groups operate starting week 1 to week 10 each quarter. The enrollment period for any open and established study session will last till the Friday of week 6 of each quarter. Once the enrollment period has ended, the CP-LAN app and the web browser link will be closed to any attempts made to enroll in a study session.

Study Session Request Information

At the start of each quarter, students are encouraged to submit study session request(s) via the web browser link (see below). Once a request has been submitted via the web browser link, students need to ensure they've download the CP-LAN app to their iOS or Android device since this is the main study session student interface center. All request(s) to edit (i.e., add, drop, re-enroll, etc.) are conducted in the CP-LAN app. If a student has a question and/or is experiencing an issue within the app, please email and we will address your concern.

Once a request has been made, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to a student's Cal Poly email, acknowledging the student has been enrolled into a study session group based on the availability provided. Please note, the matching process can take up to 48-hours in some instances but in general, the matching process is instantaneously. At this point, the process is complete and all a student needs to do is attend the session(s) enrolled for each week of the quarter. 

If a study session request has been made and an automatic enrollment confirmation email has NOT been received and it has been more than 48-hours, this means the request has NOT been fulfilled and is in a holding que. In general, there are two reasons as to why a request has not been fulfilled and in the holding que; 1) limited student availability and 2) leader/subject availability. It is recommended for a student to either broaden their availability and/or view the current study session schedule to identify and enroll in an open and established study session group(s). The Study Session program strives to ensure all subjects offered are covered each quarter but complications due arise and in some instances, we are unable to cover certain subjects. It is therefore why we advise students to view the current study session groups schedule in the CP-LAN app.

How To Submit A Study Session Request

  • Use the following link: and sign in with your Cal Poly email address
  • A magic link will be sent to your Cal Poly email address 
  • Click link 
  • Select course(s), day and times you are available 
  • *Once your subject, day and time have been entered, the CP-LAN app will send a confirmation email once you've been placed into a group. 

*Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email being placed in a study session group, this means the provided availability does not match an established study session group. The Study Session program recommends to broaden one's availability or select from an established study session group in the schedule.

How to Install CP-LAN App

The CP-LAN app is the main student interface center for the Study Session program. Please use of the following links to install the CP-LAN app on your mobile device depending on whether you use iPhone of Android platforms.


  • Download "CP-LAN" app for mobile device platform
  • Sign in with Cal Poly email address (note: a verification screen should show up informing you to check your Cal Poly email for magic link)
  • Check Cal Poly email for magic link, click and sign in with Cal Poly email

The CP-LAN app allows students in Study Session to do the following:

  • Submit and modify requests
  • View enrolled and available Study Sessions
  • Attend Study Sessions virtually

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