Study Session FAQ's

Requesting a Study Session

  • Use the CP-LAN app, or web browser link
  • Select course(s), days and times you are available 
  • If your availability matches an established group, an enrollment confirmation email will be sent. If you do NOT receive an enrollment confirmation email, your request has been placed in the request que - edit availability and/or view open and established study session groups in the CP-LAN app.

If you are having trouble with joining a study session:

  • The course is unable to be covered/offered due to leader availability for the quarter
  • Student availability does not match with any open and established study session group(s) 
    • Student is advised to adjust availability and/or select open and established study session group(s) from the current schedule in the CP-LAN app or Web Browser Interface.
  • The CP-LAN app and Web Browser Interfact adjusts new student’s requests in its algorithm, finding open sessions that match the student’s availability every 24 hours. 
  • In the case a student has NOT heard any updates about a requested session(s), your session may not be currently available and/or your availability does not match any open and established sessions. 

Should any questions or concerns arise using the CP-LAN app or Web Browser Interface, please email

Submission of study session requests could not go through?

  • Email and provide a brief explanation as to the issue at hand and our team will get back to you as soon as we can

Want to change or cancel your study session?

  • To change a study session, a student is able to modify and re-enroll up to 2-times when changing study session(s). If a student needs to edit and change their study session a third time they will need to email to request a change.
  • Withdrawal from a study session can be processed within the CP-LAN app

Having trouble finding information about your study session?

  • In the “Enrolled as a student” tab, on the CP-LAN app, you can view the session you are currently enrolled in and the date and time of the session. 

In the “My sessions” tab, you can access the zoom link for your study session.

  • Press the “Join” button where a link to the zoom session will pop up.
  • If you are unable to access the zoom link please email, with the following information and the zoom link to your session will be sent to you:
    • Student Name
    • Group letter of session
    • Name of session leader

Want to join more study sessions?

  • You can request to join more study sessions through the CP-LAN app or Web Browser Interface!

Study sessions are not unit credits

  • Since sessions are not unit credits, attendance is not required, but is highly encouraged. Due to limited space, if a student misses 3 or more consecutive study sessions they will be automatically dropped from the program.

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