Study Session FAQ's

Q: When is the last week I can sign up for a Study Session?

  • Students are able to enroll into a study session up until the Friday of week 6 in the quarter.

Q: What are Study Sessions in general?

  • Study sessions are peer facilitator led study groups organized by subject matter and range from 8-15 students per group that meet twice a week for an hour.

Q: How do students hear about Study Sessions?

  • Any student enrolled in a lecture that we offer a study session for is emailed with information about the program and how to register.

Q: Are study sessions free?

  • Yes, there is no cost to attend.

Q: How do I register for Study Sessions?

  • You may register through the “Request a Study Session” link on your Cal Poly Portal
    1. Logon to My Cal Poly and view “My Classes” in your Home page
    2. Above your classes is a button: “Study Session Request”
    3. Select a button to enter the request process
    4. You must be enrolled in the lecture for the selection to appear
    5. Press the “Submit Request” button at the bottom when you’re done

Q: Can I register for a Study Session if I’m waitlisted for a class?

  • No, you must be enrolled in the corresponding class to add the study session.

Q: What is the attendance policy for Study Sessions?

  • While attendance is not mandatory, if you miss 6 consecutive sessions, you will be dropped out of the session to make room for more students.

Q: Do you receive a grade/credit for Study Sessions?

  • No credit or grades are assigned for Study Sessions.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Study Sessions I may be enrolled in?

  • There is no limit as long as the times do not overlap and the study sessions are not in the same subject.

Q: When will I hear about my study session group placement?

  • The Friday before the quarter starts via an email indicating time, leader, & location.

Q: Why have I not received a study session for the class I am taking?

  • There a multiple reasons you may not have been placed. We may not have yet processed your request of placement and/or your availability may not coincide with an existing Study Session/Study Session leader.

Q: Can I change my courses requested or the times I am available?

  • Once a request has been made and you have not been placed in a Study Session, you can edit your availability through the portal via the "Modify Request button.” If you need to make changes after being placed in a Study Session, you must contact the Study Session Office.

Q: If I drop a Study Session, can I re-enroll?

  • Yes, but the student must contact the Study Session Office so that we can re-enroll the student.

Q: When is the last day to sign up for a Study Session?

  • The last day to be enrolled in a Study Session is the Friday of week 6 during Fall, Winter and Spring quarter.

Q: Do you offer Study Session during Summer quarter?

  • Study Session provides sessions during Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters only.

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